5 Best Analog weighing machines of 2018 to buy in India

As we all know there are both analog and digital weighing scales available. Though digital ones dominate the market these days,there are still people who would love to continue with analog weight machines.

Analog weighing scales are easy to use and nothing more requited to maintain and is the reason why still people love these machines.If you are looking to buy an analog weighing machine, this article will help you to choose the best. 

Best Analog weighing machine

Best analog weighing machines to buy in India:

Here is the list of top 5 best weighing scales of analog model you could buy in India.

#1.Equinox BR-9201 Analog Weighing Scale:

Best Analog weighing scales to buy in India in 2016

The weighing scale is used for the high accuracy of measuring the weight. The analog weighing machine(Best mechanical weighing scale under 1000 rupees) is easy to handle.

For the first time use, you have to set the value to zero. This can be done by using the scrolling button on the device.

The Equinox analog weighing scale can be placed in the flat surface without the help of any mat. The Equinox analog machines help you to measure the accurate weight of your body.

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#2.Camry Analog Manual Weighing Scale:

Top analog weighing machines to buy in India in 2016The Camry analog weighing scale is made of plastic. As the material is plastic it is non-slippery and is heavy to carry. The machine is available in blue color.

The maximum weight the machine can weigh is up to 150 kg. The Camry analog manual weighing scale is suitable for home and club. This can be also used as bathroom scale as it gives the accurate measurement.

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#3.Analog Weighing Scale:

Best analog weighing machines to buy in India

The analog weighing scale gives the good accuracy in measuring the weight. The scale gives you more comfort when you stood upon it. The design of the scale is made compact so you can carry it everywhere else.

There are three available colors of the analog weighing machine. The colors are blue, pink, and chocolate. The display screen is enough big to read your weight easily. If you are looking for a weighing machine to measure your accurate weight then the analog weighing machine is the best choice.

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#4.Soehnle Personal Scale Analog Jolly:

Popular analog weighing scales in India

The Soehnle Personal scale Analog jolly is made very compact. This makes easy for you to carry where you want. The available color of the weighing machine is white.

The wheel can be adjusted according to your convenience. The maximum weight of the machine to weigh is 130 kg. The high steel is used for making the casing in the device. This gives you accurate measurement of weight. The machine is very small and light weighted.

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#5.Venus Analog – Personal/Manual Weight Machine Body Fitness Weighing Bathroom Scale weight Machine:

Best weighing machines of analog type in India

The machine is very small and light weighted. This makes easy to carry and place it anywhere in the home. The scale is used as a bathroom scale. The maximum weight is up to 130 kg.

The Venus analog-personal/manual weighing scale is easy to operate. It has a dial display to read your weight. The machine gives the accurate measurement of your body weight. The body of the machine is made with metal. This gives non-slippery of the machine.

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If you are conscious about your weight and health, you have to check off your weight daily. These analog weighing machines will help you to get the accurate weight measurement. The weighing scale will motivate you to do exercise and maintain healthy diet. 

Go ahead and pick the best one among the analog weighing scales listed above which would serve you the best.

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