7 Best Body Composition Monitors to buy online in India in 2018

Are you really concerned about maintaining a proper dietary routine for your family? If yes, then you should definitely have a best Body composition monitor at your home. With the rise of modern innovation, keeping yourself and your family healthy is not that difficult anymore!

Maintain a proper exercising schedule, eat fresh and healthy food and simultaneously checking your body composition real time with these products. For purchasing the best body composition monitor, you simply need to look for accuracy and design.

Here is the list of 7 best Body composition monitors to buy online in India for your consideration:

Top 7 Best Body composition monitors to buy in India in 2018:

Omron HBF-212 Body Composition Monitor:

Best body composition monitor to buy from online in IndiaIt is a very good product and its unique monitoring technology puts it in #1 on our list of the best body composition monitors. It can easily keep track of your vital signs, along with maintaining a steady display of your basal metabolic rate as well.

It can also easily calibrate body fat levels with cholesterol streams in the blood. Its additional features include:

  • Resting metabolic rate can be displayed.
  • Scratch proof LCD display.
  • Inbuilt memory chip for multiple users’ functionality.
  • Can be accessed with 4 different user profiles.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty with extensions available.

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#2.Omron Karada Scan Body composition Monitor HBF-701:

Top body fat analyzers to buy from online in India in 2016If you are looking for an easy to use weight management apparatus, then this is the perfect product for you! With its extensive toolkit comprising of visceral fat management and tracking, body muscle percentage as well as body mass index, this product is a perfect solution to all your weight management problems. Extra features of this product includes:

  • Integrated display features with graphs and charts for better analysis.
  • Covers full family management with 4 user guest mode.
  • Simple design with ergonomic quality builds.
  • Displays visceral fat levels compared to resting metabolic rate.

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#3.Omron HBF-375 Body Composition Monitor:

Best selling body fat analyzers in IndiaWith a graphical approach to weight management, this body composition monitor allows easy tracking and storage of your data. It also comes equipped with a step on analyzer function to give you a study of your body composition details.

It provides a comprehensive list of segmental muscle percentage with a progressive chart display. Its extra features include:

  • Age comparison with full body composition charts.
  • Multiple profile usage with 4 memory preset options.
  • Includes 1 operation mode with body fat monitor.
  • Additional 1 year manufacturer’s warranty period.

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#4.Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer:

Best body fat analysers to buy from online in IndiaIf you are looking for a smartphone integrated body composition product, then this is a perfect fit for you! It offers highly precise measurements with your body weight and other additional details including body fat ratio, metabolic rate measurement as well as heart rate monitoring. It also includes the following features:

  • Position control apparatus for accurate measurement.
  • Continuous indoor tracking for better results.
  • Integrated Health Mate smart phone app for visual analysis.
  • Works for both Android and iOS smart phone users.

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#5.Omron HBF-510W Full-Body Sensor Body Composition Monitor and Scale:

Good quality and popular body fat analyzers to buy online in IndiaEven though there are plenty of body composition sensors available in the market, this product is certainly quite unique in its own way. It includes a complete full body sensor in order to get better and more accurate results. It offers complete analysis of body composition from head to toe, without any external chords or wires. Its extra features also include:

  • Accurate body fat % data tracking and analysis.
  • Easy data calibration with body mass index scores for general uses.
  • Multi-user interface supported with 4 body profile management.
  • Extended manufacturers’ warranty period of 1 year.

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#6.BC-1000plus Black ANT+ Radio Wireless Body Composition Monitor:

Best branded body fat analyzers to buy online in IndiaIf you like something fancy yet effective, then this product is sure to tickle your interest! It offers a highly sophisticated utility feature to remotely connect the body composition monitor to external displays such as PCs or LED displays.

It provides extra support with Garmin Ltd. Fitness watches, including FR60 and Forerunner 310XT. Extra features include:

  • Additional “Healthy Edge” software support for remote connectivity.
  • Equipped with a USB antenna stick for remote display.
  • Features no backlit display since remote access is fast and easy.
  • Extra support on 1 year extended warranty.

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#7.Omron Body Composition Monitor With Scale:

top 7 best body fat analyzers to buy from online in IndiaSimple yet effective, this body composition monitor offers a complete body analysis starting from body fat % to BMI as well as metabolic rate. It comes equipped with a weighing scale so no external support is required while operating it. Other features include:

  • Better visibility with high precision sensors.
  • Improved weighing balance setup.
  • Backlit LCD display for fast and easy tracking.
  • Warranty available on manufacturers’ defect.

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These are best Body composition monitors anyone could buy online in India which can greatly influence your exercise routine as well as your personal health. So if you are having any trouble maintaining a good and healthy body, then you should certainly go for it!

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