6 Best weighing machines with Bluetooth option to buy online in India in 2018

Fitness is certainly a grave concern for many people who are conscious of their heath. Healthy eating and regular exercise is crucial for all those who want to maintain a good body and enjoy the benefits of a good and sturdy health.

With the introduction of modern fitness technologies in the market, maintaining your weight and working out has never been easier before! With various weighing machines, you can easily keep track of your fitness regime. Some modern machines even come with an additional Bluetooth option as well.

Here is a list comprising of some of the best weighing machines with Bluetooth option to buy online in India:

Top 6 Best weighing machines with Bluetooth option to buy in India in 2018:

#1.Weigh Smart Bluetooth Weighing Scale:

best weighing scales with Bluetooth option to buy online in India This product ,definitely is an excellent choice to go for. It is 100% compatible with Google Fit and can easily track your weight limits on your mobile via Bluetooth 4.0 protocol technology. Its BLE 4.0 protocol greatly improves fast tracking of weight and other essential data. Its additional features include:

  • Available with Weight Smart app for easy integration.
  • Only works with Android smart phones.
  • Integrated Google Fit details in app for weight charts and graphs.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0 compatible for easy sharing and automatic uploads.

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#2.Shikha’s NutriHealth Smart BFA Scale: 

Best Bluetooth enabled weighing machines to buy in IndiaWith a smart and multi-purpose nutritional scale and Bluetooth connectivity, this product is definitely a catch at its price. Along with its Bluetooth enabled body fat analyzer (BFA) scale, you will get 1 month of free personalized nutrition plan based on your scale figures.

  • Multiple options available for checking body fat %, hydration % and bone density.
  • Free NutriHealthYuWoW app for smart phones for quick and easy integration.
  • Works for both Android and iOS users.
  • Extended warranty options available, with a 12 month product warranty.

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#3.Fitastic Bluetooth Smart Scale:

top weighing machines with bluetooth option enabled devices to buy in IndiaThis is yet another multi-purpose fitness weighing machines that can take care of all your health issues in one simple smart phone application. Its Bluetooth smart technology easily connects with its own Fitbrick app in smart phones. Additional features include:

  • Complete body analysis with BMI, BMR, calorie % and bone density.
  • Smart phone application contains illustrated charts and graphs.
  • Attractive and portable design.
  • Inbuilt large LCD display with backlit sensory buttons.

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#4.1byone Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale:

Best selling bluetooth enabled weight measuring devices to buy online in IndiaIf you are looking to purchase a more sophisticated imported product, then this one is perfect for you! With both smart phone and tablet functionality, this product comes with 4 high quality sensors to measure your weight, as well as other fitness details such as BMI, BMR and muscle mass. It also includes:

  • Complete family sync with up to 10 users’ recognition.
  • Oval backlit LCD display for easy accessibility.
  • Easy and quick syncing with high precision smart phone tracking.
  • Supports both iOS and Android devices with its own “iWellness” app.

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#5.Lose It! Bluetooth Body Fat Scale by Health o Meter for iPhone:

Best quality weighing scales with bluetooth option in built to buy from online in IndiaThis product from Health-o-Meter comes exclusively for iOS users. Anybody can use the weight scale, but its iOS app tracks other essential details such as calorie intake, body measurements as well as exercise timings. Its other important features include:

  • Elegant glass platform design with a sturdy setup.
  • Simple and minimalistic digital design.
  • Multiple profile support available for family users.
  • Extended warranty provisions available with an initial 1 year warranty period on purchase.

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#6.Tikteck Bluetooth Smart Scale:

Top 6 best bluetooth option enabled weighing machine to buy from online in IndiaIf compatibility is your primary concern while syncing up a Bluetooth weighing scale, then this product is perfect for you! Its free smart phone app is available for both Android and iOS users around the world.

Even though the actual weighing scale features exciting functionality on its own, integrating with its smart phone app gives you far better results and figures. Its additional functions include:

  • Compatible with KeeWeight app for both iOS and Android users.
  • Tempered glass weighing scale with digital interface.
  • Easy and fast syncing for extended analysis of BMI, body fat % and muscle mass.
  • Overload warning and safety hazard warnings included.

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These products are absolutely the 6 best weighing machines with Bluetooth option to buy online in India. So if you are looking for an easy and simple solution to your weight managing problem, any of the above mentioned weighing scales will be perfect for you.

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